Chic Geek and Chemistry Freak is a complicated amalgam of interests embodied in a woman with glasses, bold lipstick, and quirky dress-for-comfort outfits. She is fueled by an insane amount of caffeine in order to keep up with all the racing thoughts she has each day on the world around her and her place in it. She is a true believer in life being a beautifully twisted, sometimes torturous, but mostly fulfilling journey, and that ice cream and all things chocolate are tried-and-true friends on said journey.

This is a window into her passion for science, education, and the empowerment of women. Her experience as a solar-cell specialist, university teacher, and mentor to college students and her continuing education in scientific research and the business world make her almost credentialed enough to voice a well-thought-out opinion.

Welcome to the world as she sees it.